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Ano IX - 05 de Junho de 2020

About the JSCD

The scope of Journal of Surgical and Clinical Dentistry - JSCD (online ISSN: 2358-0356) is targeted for scientific contributions of Dentistry areas. The JSCD is quarterly, online and available from Master Publishing via “open access Journal” format, only in English.


TARGET GROUP: undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as professors and researchers inserted in areas of Dentistry and/or related, being open to the scientific community.


FORMS OF PUBLICATION: the  JSCD aims to publishing: 

- Original contributions;

- Case Reports;

- Technical Reports;

- Reviews and Updates.



The contents of the manuscripts should be necessarily relevant to some of the areas of Dentistry.


The JSCD is an “open access Journal”. The interest of authors for the publication of the manuscript will be confirmed by effective payment of the publication fee: R$ 300.00 (three hundred Reais), according to the costs relating to the editorials procedures. If the submitted article is outside the editorial standards, requiring the formatting work by Master Editora, the value of the sale fee of R$ 350.00 (three hundred and fifty reais). However, payment should be finalized only after the acceptance declared by the Editor-in-Chief of JSCD. The notification of acceptance will be forwards via e-mail to the corresponding author.


If you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions, please contact the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Surgical and Clinical Dentistry - JSCD, Prof. Dr. Mário dos Anjos Neto Filho:mastereditora@mastereditora.com.br

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